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The Forest Culture Center in Gołuchów is an independent organizational unit of the State Forests of a national range. It was made on the legal validity of the edict of the Managing Director of the State Forests on 15th December 1986. The primary task of the Forest Culture Center is preservation of cultural heritage of Polish forestry and wide and continuous popularization of foresters' oeuvre. The Center does it by museum and educational activity, which includes education of children, youth and adults, emphasizing the importance of the forest in historical and contemporary aspect. The institution also holds patronage of artistic activity of foresters and creators whose works of art are inspired by the forest and forestry. Moreover, it participates in European bison and Polish horse husbandry. The Forest Culture Center in Gołuchów preserves and restores one of the foremost aristocratic residences of Poland, making available historic seat of the forestry museum and historic park-arboretum, as the place of education and tourism.