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Model Animal Pen

Huge natural attraction of the Forest Culture Center in Gołuchów is the Model Animal Pen. The Pen was created in 1977 in order to breed herd of European bison and popularization of this species among tourists. The European bison is the greatest land mammal in Europe included in the "Red Book" as an endanger species and its restoration is a success of Polish breeders. The herd of European bison includes 8 specimens of Białowieża population on average. Till 2006 there were 82 European bison in Gołuchów, 71 of which were born here. Those entire specimens have unique names that start with "PO" according to the rules of register of the "European Bison Pedigree Book" found in Białowieża. Each year almost 100 thousand of people visit this "King of the Forest" in Gołuchów. In Model Animal Pen in Gołuchów one can also admire other animals like Polish horses, fallow dears, and wild boars.