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Museum of forestry

The Museum of Forestry of the Forest Culture Centre in Gołuchów is the only one in Poland showing a multitude connections between the forest and the human. It is located in historical buildings of Czartoryski's residences: "Annex", "Coachhouse", "Scheepfold" and "Dybul". The exhibits on permanent exhibition document the multi-generational achievements of foresters, the natural richness of Polish forests, the art inspired by the forest and the development of forest technology. Permanent exhibitions in the "Annexe" are entitled "Culture-creation role of forest" and "The history of the forestry in Poland"; in the "Coachhouse" – "Meeting with the Forest"; in the "Sheepfold" – "Forest Technology" and in the facility "Dybul" – "Protection of the forest" ". Graphically interpreted issues illustrate a rich collection of exhibits. In the Museum of foretsry we will see, among others, paintings by Michał Wywiórski and Julian Fałat, graphics by Leon Wyczółkowski, sculptures by Bronisław Chromy, reconstructed forest uniforms from the XIXth and interwar period, Carl von Hinterlang's historical wood books, spring and winter forest dioramas. The museum collection is systematically enlarged, and the total number of exhibits currently accumulated is over six and a half thousand.
The reconstructed cottage – forester's lodge with a recreated interior of the 1950s forester's office and an exhibition on apiculture is also part od the Muzeum of Forestry. Apart from exhibitions in the buildings, the Center also offers outdoor presentations.
Museum objects are surrounded by the English style park-arboretum.