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Oficyna (Annexe)

The most representative building under the supervision of The Forest Culture Center in Gołuchów is Oficyna, renovated and open to public in 1986. Oficyna draws attention of its unique architectonic mass and renovated, original decorations of vestibule, a billiard-room, drawing room, bedroom, office and dining room. Those rooms were furnished by Izabela Działyńska in cooperation with French artist L. Breugnot and his Polish successor J. Kopczyński. There also survived gorgeous wooden paneling, supra portam, fireplaces, ceilings, and steps.

Oficyna is the main building of the Museum of the Forestry. There are presented two permanent exhibitions and many temporary exhibitions that are changed during the year. On the first floor there can be seen expositions presenting the connections of the forest with culture and art. In nine rooms, there is presented XIX century and contemporary craft, paintings, engraving, sculpture, intarsia, artistic glass and stained-glass windows. You can admire paintings and drawings of famous Polish landscapist M. Wywiórski, engravings of J.E. Ridinger, L. Wyczółkowski, L. Rózga, and J. Wałach, intarsia E. Kapłoński, sculptors of B. Chromy. There are also exposed the works of amateurs – foresters, their families and the admirers of the forest. On the second floor there is a permanent exhibition, illustrating "The history of the forestry in Poland". Thanks to that one can learn about the history of the profession of the forester and the history of Polish Forest Farm. The decoration of the exhibition are models of old forest profession, historical models of the forester's uniforms, archival maps, descriptions of the forests, textbooks on forest education, memorial pictures, medals, flags and different documents of forest legislation, education and forest practice.